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Recycled Blankets

Eazzhome provides you with all sorts of green recycled polyester blankets. They are designed by our home textile specialists who know best in the products and trend: making Eazzhome ideal for styling up your home.

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Eazzie Gang Collection

Because this is our only home

Eazzhome commits to saving the world and making it more comfortable to live in by trying to recycle the wastes into usable products again. Besides, we are also reducing the uses of resources in an irresponsible manner. Our mission to save the world now needs your support than ever!

Thoughtful Designs

Customer approached Thai modern designs

Our home textile products are proudly designed in Thailand. Aim for enhancing the precedence to the embellishment of your sleep sanctuary, we detail every stitch, fold, cut and design with Thai modern aesthetic.

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Polyester based

Your cosy eco blankets

Eazzhome uses recycled polyester as the material. Durable. Dries quickly. Resists wrinkles and shrinking. Most importantly, eco-friendly!

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